Composite Decking

Moody Decking are the UK sole agents for importing and selling ESTHEC composite synthetic decking. As with our normal services, we provide a full manufacturing service of Esthec composite decking.

This versatile material has developed its own following in the synthetic deck market and we have included it in our product range because we believe it to be one of the best of many available. It comes in a large range of wood shades and caulking line colours which enables you to make choices between traditional and modern appearances.

It is also available for marine applications in block colours and is able to be engraved and in-filled which can allow individual designs to be used that would be hard to produce in wood. Moody Decking can produce designs in CNC precision marquetry not just for marine use but as a very suitable material for use outside marine applications, where display of logos, company names and branding is required on a durable surface.

Unlike many synthetic decking products, Esthec decking is not produced in plank strips, it comes in a choice of ten wood shades and is provided in 2.98m x 1.98m sheets and the desired caulking line is engraved in to the surface by CNC. The caulking line is then filled with your choice from several available shade options with a two pack liquid. Once the caulking liquid has hardened it only remains to sand down any excess to provide the deck finish. Your deck design is then easily glued in to place for the final effect.

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