New Option to have deck made in Lignia
Moody Lignia Decking the Sustainable alternative

Added on 18 June 2019

Moody Lignia Decking the Sustainable alternative 

Lignia is modern real wood alternative to Burmese teak that comes from sustainable managed softwood plantations. Only the best cuts of quarter sawn softwood are modified using a high tech resin infusion process to produce a beautiful and durable alternative to Burmese teak in yacht decking.   

In test laboratories Lignia decking has been proven to match the performance of Burmese teak.

In addition to laboratory tests, Lignia decking has been tested for nearly six years on rigs in Florida in one of the harshest marine environments in the world. In these on-going tests, Lignia Decking has been placed alongside teak and a range of tropical hardwoods since 2013, facing extreme conditions including blazing sun, high UV light and tropical storms.

Tested by leading accreditation bodies in the USA, the UK and Europe

Lignia Decking is more than just a beautiful-looking wood product, its aesthetic beauty and hard-working performance are underpinned by cutting-edge science and technology.

Lignia Decking is rigorously tested by independent accreditation bodies in North America, the UK and Europe. All result in a proven and tested product. Elements tested for include:

  • Flooring slip resistance tests (USA and UK)
  • Point bending tests
  • Janka hardness test
  • Impact resistance test
  • Thermal effectivity test
  • Surface burning characteristics test
  • Moisture movement properties
  • Bonding test
  • Durability

Moody Lignia Decking Working Properties

  • As a finished product, Lignia Decking weighs no more than Burmese teak meaning there is no change in building specifications on a yacht
  • Density through modification is increased to  650kg/m³, improving mechanical properties
  • Less than 10% moisture content, kiln dried
  • Durability Class 1 (50 years minimum life against rot and fungal decay)
  • Ultimate machining finish with minimal sanding required 
  • Exceptional weathering performance through accelerated weathering tests and extended five-year testing in extreme conditions showing minimal levels of fading when exposed to high levels of UV and tropical storms
  • During sustained testing Lignia Decking has superior bending properties that have surpassed those of Burmese teak in the manufacture of decks
  • Unlike the majority of chemical synthetic deck products, LIGNIA Yacht does not suffer from high surface temperatures

Maintenance of LIGNIA Yacht

Lignia Yacht has a density similar to Burmese teak, with a similar wear resistance; it is harder due to our modification process which results in the products’ grain structure remaining flat during exposure to U.V, water, salt and wind.

Over a five-year test period in the USA, it has been proven that eco-friendly acid-free cleaners that are designed to be thorough, yet gentle work best on Lignia. As with teak do not use Chlorine based cleaners in an attempt to bleach the decks. Chlorine will attack most caulking products, breaking them down.

The Lignia deck can be scrubbed across or along the grain with a 3M scotchbrite scrubbing pad or a polypropylene bristle brush. On larger areas, use of rotary cleaning machines with dispenser tanks and polypropylene bristle brushes is appropriate.

Even with care, in time the surface of Lignia may become uneven and the colour will change from a golden brown to a silver grey due to the effects of U.V, wind, rain and sea water. The product may exhibit signs of fine surface checking, similar to Burmese teak; when this happens, the decks should be lightly sanded with a sanding machine to smooth the surface and remove the surface checks. This will increase the life of the deck by exposing less wood to the elements and preventing the grain from trapping dirt or air carried corrosives.

Lignia has been proven to provide a longer period between maintenance than Burmese teak, on average twice as long before a remedial sand.

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