Oyster 82 Update

Added on 13 February 2015

Moodys in house design team have been working hard on our newest project the Oyster 82. After the plans were accepted by the customer we have begun the construction on the 10/02/2015.

The jigs that the Moody Decking uses have been cut and laid out in the workshop. Our manufacturing team have fitted all the teak to the jigs. On Monday we will have fibre glassed the back of the deck using our unique resin bonding system which holds the deck in shape.

Friday next week we are planning to release the deck, and caulk up all the full depth seams that gives Moody deck its superiority.


After 2 weeks we have completed the Oyster 82 installation. This will undoubtedly stop the leaks that the previously installed teak decking was causing. The fibre glass backing that Moody Decking system uses, ensures a water tight deck that is impenetrable once fitted.

The customer requested a 12mm thick deck instead of the standard 10mm which will give this deck an extra 20% of life

We are extremely proud of the excellent finish and installation of the project and look forward to seeing her back on the water

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