Classic TSMY ‘Shemara’

In 2011 the 65 meter yacht ‘Shemara’ went for extensive refit at Porchester.  This is the classic yacht that was commissioned in 1938 for the industrialist Sir Bernard Docker. Lord and Lady Docker were the infamous fabulously wealthy socialites of their time. Shemara had had a glorious past, but after several different ownerships had by 2011 fallen in to disrepair and would require a major refit. Moody Decking was charged with the extensive project of removing the numerous old decks and renew each one. Smaller yachts commonly have deck planking of 45mm width and a caulking seam of 4mm, it is important on a project of this size that the deck is designed to a suitable scale and that it is in keeping with the period of the Yacht. This expansive decking project was carried out in 75mm wide and 18mm thick planking with a caulking seen width of 6mm. Moody Decking used Super yacht grade Myanmar (formally Burmese) sustainable teak covering 500 square meters on five decks. The Shemara refit took two and a half years. The decking design, manufacturing and installation took 5 months and the finished project is a thing of classic beauty.

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